Again : I have debian linux with a 2.4 kernel (i think) and during the installation of this version i installed the desktop enviroment package. I saw that there was a webserver option but i didnt select it at that time but i now want to install that package, could anyone help me (step by step would be very nice). Once i have this package installed i want to configure this linux to be a webserver accessible from inside and outside of my network, e.g host my own site. I know it can be done but i just need it in a way which isnt confusing and helpful.
So i want to :
1) Install the webserver package of Debian Linux (i have desktop enviourment installed with a 2.4 kernel i think)
2) I want to be able to set up this linux system to host website so that i can become a website hoster / reseller.
= Step by step instructions will be helpful, i have yahoo messenger and it would be very grateful if you can help me. I have the linux system running on a Virtual Machine at the moment, have a pc.

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