I would like to install either linux or mandrake linux and windows xp on the same HDD. I would prefer mandrake linux considering I dont need a partitioning software to do this. But which OS do I need to install first?
ok so if I install xp first will linux still allow it to partition the drive so that I have 2 partitions instead of 1? Right now I have 1 with xp. was hoping so not have to use partition magic or anything. I read that linux will actually do this for you when installing (mandrake version only i think). my other question is what is the difference between mandrake and the original linux OS? if any at all. I want to use linux for the free software and security but want to keep windows to still be able to play my games, and use my camera and ipod. not sure if mandrake and linux are the same thing or not I just heard about it today.
I havent installed either yet because im going to do this on my old computer first. I have also used linux be4 I just have never put 2 OS's on 1 HDD

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