I want to play games that use java in linux mint but for some reason nothing wil install or work. In mozzila firefox when i go to play a java game it asks for me to install a plugin. I click install but it says missing plugin and just fails. I downloaded the file jre-6u17.rpm.bin so i could install java. When i try to open it it says "could no display home/ryan/jre-6u17.rpm.bin. Somebody please help me to install java. Thanks@!
Can people not abreviate things I dont know anything about linux so you may have to show me how to open programs and find them too.
I would do all that but my password in terminal wont work. I know it doesnt show what your typing but it doesnt accept my password. How do i install it then.
Im trying to say i Dont kno my root password. I understand it doesnt show it when you type it. How do i reset it or something. I know my keyring password but that one wont work.

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