Ok, fairly dumb question, but im a student at JobCorp and i’m using Linux(OpenSuse-Gnome). I’m relatively new at using it, coming off from Windows-XP. I’ve been trying to find software that doesn’t require me to have a active internet connection.
My classroom computer is WinXP(school policy with net) and dorm room(no internet at all isnt allowed) is OpenSuse-Linux.
So this seems to be a rather difficult adjustment, as i don’t understand why the forcefulness nature of connecting to a server to download. cant it be like windows and just give a zip-like and just install,
yes im aware of .rpm and other zip-likes >.>
* Forcing by which that almost every site that personally I have been to not just ONE >.> geez really think I went to one >.> wow no. Its just a question if anyone knows a site that has the full software to download so i can use flash drive and install it, tired of the files being quicklinks to websites >.> its no wonder why ppl dont leave windows if that all thats to offer its internet required to get stuff physically, what a luxury we dont all have, but im just saying ya know not to be edgy

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