I have Ubuntu 6.06 and I’m trying to download Flash Adobe for Linux so I can watch videos. Unfortunately, I am not much of an expert with computers. When I am about to download, it gives me 3 versions of Flash to download. They are:
.tar.gz for Linux
.rpm for Linux
YUM for Linux

Also, once I download, I come to somethihow to use it, there is one folder, another folder in that, and then 2 more seperate folders. Out of those 2 folders, there is one folder in each. One says Flash plug-in, and the other one says doc.
Inside the Flash Plugin, there are 5 more new things, although they aren’t folders anymore. They are set up, READ ME, License, LibFlashplayer.so, and homecleanup.
I have no idea what any of the above is. If anyone could give me step by step instructions, even if it is extremely obvious, I would appreciate it.
Btw, I also only have 99% disc space. If that is a problem, I’ll start deleting as much as I can.


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