how to make a 3rd partition to be visible by both Linux and windows operating systems???
i have a hard disc of 80 gb on my laptop i made 3 partitions i created the first for my windows XP second for my Linux mandriva and third for my movies and music etc…

i want to make the third partition visible on both operating systems
in terminal on Linux its already visible, when i enter " ls /mount/f " it shows all the files that i was using on my windows, with help of a friend but he doesn’t know how to make visible on the "computer" part in Linux.
i reformatted the third partition from NTFS to FAT32 as i have read in multiple forums but now how do i activate it ?
the partition where windows is installed is C: or sda1, Linux is installed on the D: or sda5 and the partition that i want both operating systems to use is on E: or sda6

if anyone can give me any advise i would be very grateful !
yours Amir

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