I wanted to be able to dual boot between Windows 7 and Debian because I wanted to be able to boot only into OpenITG. I used Debian because it was what was used in ITG Dedicabs and used less RAM, meaning a better performance. I followed a guide on Boxxors.com showing this is possible. I used a partition manager to set aside 20GB for Debian and used THAT partition. However, when it was done installing I was not able to see windows 7 in the GRUB loader. I know that it is still there because I go to "Computer" in Debain and see the partition I used for Windows 7. How can I add windows 7 to the boot list or at the very least boot into windows 7 using some kind of command on the command line? I dont want to have to reinstall windows 7.
I am using Debian 5 which has GRUB version 0.97. Would I still be able to reconfigure it (im assuming yes)? btw i tried using the command prompt with my windows 7 disk and using that command. it seemed to only affect the partitions that didnt have windows 7 in it (which is listed as volume 2 by the linux installer).

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