I need players & codecs which can play all types o audio(mp3, wav,ogg, flac, wma) & video (mp*g, mov, rm, divx, flv, avi, mp4, x264….)
Is there any player r codec pack which has them all?
I prefer source codes or rpm/deb packs as i dont have net connection @ home.
I have Amarok 2 & i like it. I like to retain. i can play mp3 as i hv installed fluendo mp3 codec.
but for others plz tell me good player&codec packs
ok get me sites for packs one by one
i tryed thr mplayer all-20071007 pack(the latest available in their server) & tried it with players like xine totem & bansee none worked do those codec work only with mplayer?

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