Don’t get me wrong, I realize the true computer geeks of the world swear by Linux and it’s probably a superior product to Windows in many ways. Except for those that really matter. Windows is the standard for about 95% of the computers in the world. For the average computer user, Windows is by far the best solution because it’s what they already know and what they are most likely to encounter.

Furthermore, there simply are not enough people using Linux for the average person to find a friend who can help them if something goes wrong.

And Linux simply does not have the popular applications that most people are using. Don’t get me wrong, I realize Linux has applications for many of the common tasks people do on a computer (word processing, browsing the internet, spreadsheets, etc). But the average person can’t take work they’ve done on a Linux computer and continue on a work or school computer.
For those who have used and love Linux, my question isn’t knocking the o/s. Guy C pretty much hit right the point of my question. When someone asks a computer question, there is always someone answering with something like "try Linux, it’s better and free". While that may be true, it does nothing to address the person’s question.

Also, I am well versed in the "try it you’ll like it" argument because I started using Firefox as my main browser about 2 years ago after being reluctant to try it. I would never go back to using IE or even Netscape as my primary again. But this brings up another point. For as good as Firefox is, it does have problems – especially handling certain types of media and there are not always extensions to address these issues. Plus some web sites just don’t work in Firefox – often web sites for things like paying bills and banking.

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