I currently use RedHat Cygwin to provide a viable Linux emulator on my Windows desktop. It is very lacking. I have a lot of migrating from Window to Linux to do still, so I need an emulator that is more like Linux than Cygwin.

I thought about writing a Windows app, and calling it “FredHat”, or “Duck Linux”. It would run in a window under Windows. I hope .386 RPM files can be installed on it. I would closely follow RHEL were possible.

Windows could copy file to and from the file system. I would emulate the Ext4 file system by creating a “que” file that holds the permissions, for the files. If you attempt to access a file that was not previously known to the Linux emulation, the “que” file will be updated with a user defined default owner, and permissions.

What do you think?
I am already using VMware to run Centos. At present it is better running my two PC’s. One is Linux, and the other is Windows. I can samba between them.

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