Which one would you better recommend, Fedora 11 Linux or Debian 5 Linux? I tried Debian Linux for a little bit, but now I am sorta considering going with Fedora 11 Linux? Please do not recommend some other Operating System (LINUX) like Ubuntu, unless you think it is MUCH better than those, but please still list one of those two also. Thank you very much!
Best answer gets 10 points!!!
Thank you Dan but, yeah I am trying to find a answer from somebody who as tried both or knows a Full Answer
Thank you Michael E, I will wait for some more answers before Choosing….
Oh yeah another thing Michael E, can you decide between Fedora and Debian though?
Of Michael, I just re-looked your answer and saw the Fedora, thank you, yeah I kinda forgot you said that after I posted about waiting…
Ok, I have already got both, not a dual boot, I run them both using VMWare Player… But please still give any recommendations on any Linux Distros besides Ubuntu,Debian,and Fedora.

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