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Which Linux distribution should I get?

I’m fairly novice with Linux. I’ve used Ubuntu before, and I’m thinking about building a Linux box out of spare parts that I have. I was thinking about getting Debian Linux. What would you guys recommend?

what debian linux in HP Pavilion DV 6933cl?

I know it has Intel Core 2 Duo T5750, all I know is that it is 64 bit? I am trying to figure out what version of debian linux to use. The debian site with all the options would be the following: Please help me with this.

how to install hd webcam c310 in linux debian?

why is Linux Mint going Debian?

Linux Mint was based off Ubuntu, which is based off Debian. Why are they going to base it off Debian when it sort of already is? Also, where can I find Linux Mint 11 with KDE? I don’t have anything against Gnome, it’s a wonderful and stable DE but my eyes simply like KDE better.

When i insert the disc and restart the computer then when computer restarts i get in Linux menu. And when Linux Almost Beginn installing i get error: CD Rom Was Not Found (DVD is not "present" in dvd drive). Why?? Man if stupid Microsoft can eliminate this issue Why stupid Linux creators dont eliminate this??! I am angry! Please tell me how can i solwe THIS STUPID ISSUE!? Thanks,

When I start Debian all I get is the shell. I have KDE and I typed startx and nothing happened. Also I downloaded the nvidia linux drivers but the file is .run and i am a total noob to UNIX-like systems. How do I install it?

When you download Debian how do you switch between KDE Gnome XFCE LXDE graphical interfaces. Do they come preinstalled or do you have to download them from somewhere else

I just installed Linux Mint Debian Edition(LMDE). Unlike the Ubuntu based Mint, This one can’t automatically detect the graphics card and doesn’t show the notification in the tray, so I can’t use animations and Compiz effects.

Any help?

Linux Debian question?

Hey there.
I need some explanation about linux debian and everything about <home, usr, var, etc,mnt) directory. Will be better if you give some links for that

I’d like a way to live stream a video (movie) from my dedicated linux server (running debian) and possibly have chat as well? Sort of like but running on my box. Thanks!

Dell Inspiron 2200 with celeron 1.4 ghz processor and 512 ram?
It will be a test computer and not my main.

how do i get Debian Linux?

is it where i have to buy the CD, or can u download if off the internet? thanks!

It is quite understandable why there is noise from the Debian purists about Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros. but Linux Mint Debian Edition surely they are spurning their own ‘The Wonderful World Of Linux Politics’

Your thoughts ?

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ok all my life i have been a windows guy, all the way up from windows 95 that is… but i have recently been getting into linux with my boss who knows a lot about it but is just too confusing for me, and i dont think nodding to him helps because i know nothing about it… i recently built my first computer and am wanting to partition the hdd so i can put another os like linux or something on it… i just need help understanding the differences of each os, he has gotten me into ubuntu because that is what he uses and said is based on debian, and i am looking at fedora, which i guess is based on red hat…. please tell me the differences between them all and which is the better way to go for someone who wants to just use it to experiement with software and internet and school work… please help!

I want to download Linux (Fedora or Debian). I downloaded Fedora and its currently in an .iso file. What do I do know? I’m completley new at this. And I need a list of what software to use and I want to spend {content}.00. And I’ll need a list of supplies that are needed. Most detailed gets best answer.

Recently installed Debian and completely new to linux. Installed Samba package and selected the shared folder. On my windows machine, I can see the linux box but not a folder or drive under it. The folder is shared under linux with SMB (also tried NFS). The Windows machine has TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and Netbios protocols. When I bring up the add network place window, I can see the box but no folder/drive. When I right click to add it, I get a login window but no login I type in works. Tried the root and user I set up with installation.

Need help with this but also could someone recommend a complete noob guide to linux? All the sites I’ve read are not easy for complete beginers.

How do i make Software for Linux Mint?

I’ve used Ubuntu since 2007 and then in December of 2009 i installed Linux Mint and i love it!, but how would i make software for Ubuntu,Linux Mint or Debian? I have no idea. Where do i start what programs do i need?
I already know c but how do i do it in GUI?
I wanna make gui apps too though, how do i do this?

I am running Windows Home, and I am trying to connect to a Debian Linux computer using winscp382 (A program that allows you to brows the files on another computer if you know the computers ip, username and password). I use it to connect to 2 other Debian Linus servers from the same Windows computer, and it conneccts just fine. but when I try to conecct it to the other Debian computer it gives me and error saying " Network error: Connection refused" I know that the Debian computer is conected to the same network as the Windows computer and it is conected to the internet, and I know I have the username password and ip all correct. And one more thing, the user name that I am using for the debian computer is an addministrative account.

linux ubuntu and debian?

if i install one of theese then can i back to window vista if i want but still be on linux? also will all my stuff be deleted if i go back or go to linux i really hate windows…


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