Everyone knows whats wrong /w our system. Lack of public voice, pretending to care about people the day after elections, buying senatos/members of parliament /w campaign contributions & lobbyists fighting for corps over people.

i thought open source code worked VERY well for linux taking some of microsoft’s market (better FREE product). just thought spending 15 bucks on the website domain www.opensourceg.com was a good idea. it’s still in it’s infancy and i’d love some help/group of people to discuss ideas /w or help out somehow.

love to push for ideas like:
-votable tax dollars (you earn it, you choose how to spend it)
-voting alongside your mp/senator to see the differences, generate stats
-debates and discussion /w anon users (so more truth gets out)

i can’t make a digg.com, slashdot.org, cbcnews.ca, or province.ca website (yet) but can do what i can.

is this attempt futile? does "democracy" even work anymore for "regular people" or are our voices just buried in a sea of problems. sure would love to get financial stats on where the money goes. :D

freescv @ gmail.com is my email if yer interested. Also would love to read comments, critiques, or advise from anyone here about the idea.

in computer land open code means problems are exposed and fixed rather quickly. i just thought the same SHOULD be done for our govt.

thanks :)

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