I have heard that WGA can allow microsft to kill your computer remotely.(they have nearly shutdown my roomates XP system until he did a automatic update.we did not allow this update for two week until the computer was extremly slow) Does microsoft have the technologies to disable someones linux box? I fear a EULA disallowing someone from runing linux on the same home network that WinXP is hooked up to. They already put a 5 computer limit on your network(winxp pro has a 10 computer limit).How can they get away with telling you how many computers you can run?I talked with a microsoft rep and she told me that each computer does not have to be running a windows product and that there is a 5 computer limit per license on a single network. So if I put up a new web server my room mate would have to buy a second licence even thought Im not using a windows os.

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