I have found a laptop for £200 that gives more than some other laptops i’ve been interested in which cost £80 more and I think this is because the £200 laptop has linux for its o/s.

I’ve never used linux. How easy would be it be to write reports (I’m a student and going to sea in march, gotta right reports at sea too >.>) and have them compatible with microsoft word.

What about the music on my pc that i would wish to transfer, mp3′s and media player tunes?

Or should I pay a bit extra for an o/s i’m familiar with.

Oh the laptop is this one:

Acer Aspire One A150-Aw
The extension won’t be .doc with linux, is the extension compatabile or easily changeable, so the document can be opened on word?
The issue is compatability with microsoft o/s that the college uses. I’ll happily write a report on the given word processor but i can’t be having to download programs at the college (not allowed) so I can open up my report to edit/print off without character/font changes or issues like that.

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