I have tried following various forums, but I am completely lost.

I started using Linux two days ago. I have 64 bit MINT 10. I do not know more than rudimentary command prompt.
I bought a canon PIXMA MP250 printer.
Now I need to make the two work together.

I am pretty sure my problem is with getting the drivers. Can someone give me a step by step and exact command prompt needed (if any) on how to get this printer to work? Including any commands I may need to type or things I may need.

Basically, I can’t get sudo apt-get install ((anything)) to work…I am not even sure if I am using that right.

I think the drivers I need are located here:

But I don’t know which one(s) or what rpm even is..and another forum said I need to "link the filter" because I have 64 bit…and I am still clueless.

Any help is appreciated. Thank You.

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