Hey, I am currently running Linux Mint 10 (Julia), and today I am having a few issues with applications I install with the Synaptic Software Manager, and through terminal. Let me advise you I am a Mac OS X nerd and am a total Linux n00b. After I install the applications I want via the Software Manager/terminal, I click on the MintMenu, and all of a sudden, none of my applications are in the MintMenu. Why? I then got curious and went into /usr and checked /usr/share, and saw applications DID install. The only question I have is, how can I get my recently installed applications into this menu, and how can I resolve the issue conflicting how applications are organized? I cannot use OpenOffice now, which really sucks because I do a lot of daily work on there. If you cannot resolve the issue of applications not appearing in the menu, how may I launch the programs manually? Please reply ASAP. Thanks!

Sorry if this was a little confusing… my fault.

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